ABC Walking Group


*** We've had to cancel this walk due to the COVID lockdown. A new date will be announced soon. ***

The Walking Group provides an opportunity to explore the beauty of the world around us while walking and chatting with others from the community. We aim to have an outing 2 - 3 times per year.

Our next adventure will be a 12km walk on the O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail near Warburton on Saturday 29th May. We'll start by exploring the amazing Redwood forest just a few kilometres east of Warburton. From there, the trail leads us on a meandering journey through stunning forest, with enticing glimpses of the Upper Yarra Valley, back to the Warburton township.

We'll be leaving from the Marquis St carpark at 9am and returning by 4.30pm. Bring a drink and lunch to eat on the track. We'll find a warm cafe in Warburton for afternoon tea before we drive home. 


Click on any of the images below to see the photos of our previous expeditions.

YarraDarebin200x150   Lyrebird    
Yarra and Darebin Ck (Nov 2020)

  Olinda (Mar 2021)

Toolangi   Maribyrnong   Banyule
Toolangi State Park (Apr 2019)

  Maribyrnong River (Aug 2019)

  Banyule Flats (Oct 2019)
walk sassafras   YouYangs   PtNepean
Sassafras (Apr 2018)

  You Yangs (Aug 2018)

  Point Nepean (Dec 2018)

walk 2017 04 Powelltown   Lysterfield     
Powelltown (Apr 2017)

   Lysterfield Park (Oct 2017)

walk banksia 2016 04
      walk emerald 2016 07         walk 2016 11 19 Bay
Anniversary Trail (April 2016)

  Emerald (July 2016)

  Bay Trail (Nov 2016)
  walk 2015 04 Pt Leo   walk 2015 09 Bunyip    walk kinglake 2015 11
Pt Leo (April 2015)

  Bunyip State Park (Sep 2015)

  Kinglake (Nov 2015)

walk 2014 03 Murrindindi   walk 2014 06 badger weir   walk 2014 10 Marysville
Murrindindi (Mar 2014)

  Badger Weir (Jun 2014)

  Marysville (Oct 2014)

walk 2013 06 Donna Buang   walk 2013 11 sherbrooke    
Mt Donna Buang (Jun 2013)

  Sherbrooke (Nov 2013)

walk 2012 11 Maroondah   walk 2012 03 Cathedrals   walk 2011 04 Sorrento
Yarra Ranges (Nov) 2012

  Cathedral Ranges (Mar 2012)

  Sorrento (Apr 2011)

walk 2010 04 Wilsons Prom   walk 2009 11 Anniversary   walk 2009 04 Feathertop
Wilsons Promontory (Apr 2010)

  Anniversary Trail (Nov 2009)

  Mt Feathertop (April 2009)